Seek to grow, aim to inspire

Our focus on community development, strategic and collaborative engagement, long-term portfolio relationships and talent-first opportunity evaluation, drives our everyday decisions.

We are what we do:

Build Community

“If you want to go far, go together”

Our investment thesis reflects our deep-seated commitment to building communities. In using the power of capital and our brand to enable growth, we aim to be an enabler of opportunity and a catalyst for positive impact and growth. To grow collectively is to grow correctly.

Secure Networks

“Good opportunities require better allies”

Our broad and deep relationships with partners and collaborators across various industries function as a wide strategic network that we seek to leverage on behalf of our portfolio companies to expand their business opportunities and accelerate growth. No matter the stakes, we remain steadfast in our commitment to all who we stand with.

Ensure Longevity

“Relationships that last”

The principle of longevity guides both our investment decisions and partnership strategy. We envision a long-term approach with all our investments, working closely with entrepreneurs to transform their businesses into market leading companies. It’s not about how things begin, but where they end that matters to us.

Look Where Others Don’t

“Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not”

We support gritty, driven and ambitious founders, regardless of their educational or demographic backgrounds. The power of creative thought is key to our investment success and drives everything we do. Investing in such founders is simply smart business.

We Successfully Backed Companies
Across the Range of Industries

Opportunistically deploying resources into multiple large markets

Digital Health



Sporst & Entertainment

Consumer Packaged Goods

Vertical SaaS


Future of Work

What our partners say

“We made space for Aurum where we didn’t really make space for a lot of people to invest along side our lead investors.”

Aaron Hawley, CEO and Founder, BallerTV

“A tremendous strategic partner to us as well as to our portfolio companies.”

Byron Deeter, General Partner, Bessemer Fund

“They really get what high growth startups need and want.”

Simon Hennes, Founder and CEO, Vivenu

“They bring a unique mix of perspectives as smart inventors as well as smart operators.”

Damir Becirovic, General Partner, Index Ventures

“All I can say is I wish I had more co-investors like Aurum.”

Ashu Garg, General Partner, Foundation Capital

“On our mission to do something truly transformative in the world of healthcare there isn’t a better partner out there.”

Tammy Sun, Founder and CEO, Carrot Fertility

“There wouldn’t be VenueNext, if it weren’t for Aurum team.”

Anthony Perez, CEO, VenueNext

“They were instrumental in helping us get in front of key decision makers for some of our biggest early customers.”

Amit Kumar, CEO and Founder, Dragonfruit

“Truly an amazing partner.”

Songe LaRon , Founder and President, Squire

“Aurum team has been there for us at every key decision point with critical insights and actionable advice.”

Dave Salvant, Founder and President, Squire

“Aurum was one of the early investors that believed in Unless team and has provided tremendous value over the years.”

Eric Liedke, CEO and Founder, Unless Collective

“They are a seamless extension of our team - with wisdom way beyond just the value of the capital.”

Ken Martin, Founder and CEO, GreenPark

“Aurum has been a very valuable strategic partner.”

Jim Scheinman, Founder, Maven Ventures 13

“Aurum participation significantly de-risks our investments.”

Reid Christian, General Partner, CRV

“The company building is team endeavor and Aurum has been on my team since the beginning.”

Jen Dulski, Founder and CEO, Rising Teams

“Aurum is a key strategic partner to our growth strategy.”

Akshay Khanna, CEO and Founder,

“Aurum was our first investor and has provided invaluable guidance and support since the beginning.”

Kevin Anderson, Founder Appetize

“Aurum’s strategic support helped us grow fast and smart.”

Lisa Barnett, Founder and CEO, Little Spoon