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Aurum Partners has become a highly sought-after strategic partner for founders and top-tier VC funds.

We are known for deploying our broad assets and our network of deep relationships on behalf of the founders on their journey of building next generation of category defining businesses.

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Prestigious law firm, investment bank or NYC barbershop? Songe and Dave picked the barbershop. Cut to the chase and find out why.

Why did Songe and Dave leave prestigious law and finance firms to take over a NYC barbershop? To learn the business from the inside and create Squire – the only full-scale barbershop management and POS system of its kind. Squire delivers a full suite of technology solutions to barbershops including booking management, employee scheduling, inventory management, payments, money management and communications tools for barbers and shop owners. In quick and easy app form for convenient customer use, Squire is already an expanding force changing the haircut game!

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Follow Carrot’s incredible story as they seek to humanize healthcare and change the future of fertility care for every employee, everywhere.

After facing personal difficulties with the current healthcare system, Tammy, Asima and Juli launched Carrot to make fertility coverage more accessible and affordable. Carrot offers a range of fertility services, including egg freezing, in-vitro fertilization, adoptions, donors and surrogacy. With a clear focus on cost savings, flexibility, and an inclusive member experience, Carrot has emerged as a leader in helping employers and health plans deliver comprehensive fertility coverage for globally distributed workforces.

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Come explore the exciting future of fandom and esports with Green Park!

If you’re a sports buff, get ready for a new era of fan experience! Chad, Ken and Nick set out to build a virtual sports multiverse that brings fans together to connect, compete, and collaborate in a uniquely social and immersive digital space. GreenPark team is creating the new fan experience, providing unique and innovative ways to engage today’s modern digitally-oriented sports fans with their favorite sports, teams and athletes. Put me in Coach!

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Learn how Shopmonkey changed the nuts and bolts of the auto repair industry.

Ashot noticed that the auto repair industry was lacking a modern and easy-to-use shop management system. Fueled by his own passions for motorsports and technology, he founded Shopmonkey to help empower and enable auto shops to streamline, understand and grow their businesses. Whether it be appointment scheduling, managing inventory, or payment processing, Shopmonkey provides a cloud-based management platform to thousands of shops and helps them consolidate all the moving parts of an auto business.

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Want to stream sports matches and inspire young athletes? Aaron and Rob are one step ahead of you.

As fathers and former athletes, Aaron and Rob set out to create the world’s premier live and on-demand streaming service dedicated to youth athletes. Few events are more memorable for a parent than a child’s sports game. Games bring families together and keep them connected; more importantly, increased highlights and video exposure means more recruitment opportunities for young athletes. With live coverage, replays, and highlights of 10,000s games on any given weekend, BallerTV is becoming the new face of sports broadcasting.

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Can we meet the challenges of modern parenting while keeping our children happy and healthy?

Should parents have to choose between convenience and their children’ health? Michelle, Lisa,Michelle, and Ben think not! Little Spoon today is the fastest growing DTC baby and kids food brand. Focused on fresh, 100%-organic, non-GMO baby food and early childhood nutrition, it offers a full system of organic nutrition solutions from baby food to vitamins, natural remedies, and toddler and kids meal lines.

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